In 2018 I wrote about Society 5.0, the more connected world. I also wrote, along with many others, about the current shift in world consciousness as an awakening to the 5th-dimensional reality, which I dream of as a Society 6.0.

An uprising against injustice and inequality empowers this new 6.0 world. A shift from ego and lack of integrity to following our heart, connecting, and genuinely caring about others.  Driven by a purpose to serve the world, Society 6.0 could be a next-level, more connected world that does not have struggles. Time is no longer important as we have a connection to all we need. Driven by love and real human connections, 6.0 can exist for some people now, while others live in the 4.0 and 5.0 worlds of more struggle.

Society 6.0 has a similar feel to the outcome of the afterlife video above.  We have a feeling of inner trust, the true freedom of total and complete acceptance, and the ability to let go of the need to control things.  We let go of any time pressure and become fully present in the now, the only time that exists.

Which is part of the expansion and the shifting world we could call Society 6.0.

This is an inspiring vision that the Government of Japan has presented, and I hope that New Zealand can also focus more on technology to help to solve some of the challenges of our ongoing growth.

I have made this submission about Society 5.0 to the New Zealand Productivity Commission. We can all live in hope that our Government in NZ can also focus on how technology can indeed transform lives and enhance prosperity and growth.