The Non-Agency Model

About Us

We don’t have pool tables, fancy-pants boardrooms or flash signs on our building. We don’t even have a real full-time physical office. We are a remote-first business, meaning our team work from home offices across New Zealand and the Philippines. We prefer online meetings, rather than clogging up the roads with more cars, which is much better for the environment. We also think that to be good at looking after New Zealand and Australian businesses, we have to be down-to-earth and relatable to real people.


Our remote model keeps us nimble, reduces costs and provides a better lifestyle balance for our team. Plus, by using the best digital technology and AI tools to communicate and collaborate, we can walk our talk, consistent with our core aim of ensuring our clients achieve greater business productivity and flow. And remote working is better for the planet, reducing office and travel costs!

Unboxed History

It was July 2013 when our Founder, Rob Robertson, walked past an empty cereal box in his apartment, waiting for inspiration to strike for the name of his company. After a double look at this box, the Unboxed name was born. Next up was designing a logo; the branding agency suggested Unboxed Performance, which he liked. In November 2013, the Unboxed Performance website went live, and the vision was to shift business cultures to new levels of high performance on a mission to open the boxes, or silos, of isolated data and people and to enable collaboration and innovation to flourish.

Fast forward to 2023, and Unboxed Performance got a major brand refresh to be called the Unboxed Operating System with a new website. Our mission remains the same: to change how people feel about work. We strive to help individuals leave work feeling productive, fulfilled, and genuinely looking forward to the next day. 

This mission is deeply personal to Rob, as it stems from his background working for owners who treated their staff poorly, yelling and being abusive to try to drive performance. Back then, Rob carried a lot of self-doubts, and while on the outside, he appeared confident, being berated at work left him feeling drained and disheartened. These experiences fuel his mission to change work culture by supporting and nurturing people, combined with the right AI and tech tools to automate the boring bits so the team feels supported and valued at work.

Rob’s passion for technology dates back to his school days when he learnt how to write software on his home computer.  In 1998, he built his first website by learning how to write HTML code after graduating from Lincoln University in New Zealand with a computer science degree and, later, his Cert IV qualification in learning and development.

This is the Unboxed journey, a team passionate about putting people first, supported by the best technology for a high productivity culture, to empower business owners to play a bigger game.

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