Before doing advanced website speed optimisation of our new website, which was a full rebuild, I did some website page load speed tests. I started after our site had previously had all images optimized, using a plugin to reduce the file size of all the images. This is an important step to get better load times which does not noticeably reduce the visual impact.

The first thing was to compare how quickly the site loaded with a chatbot enabled compared to without. The times are at the bottom of the following graphics, showing the negative impact of loading the chatbot. This of course has to be weighed up against its benefits.

The next test was to do some further optimisation. I was going to go into detail here of what I did, but a mentor explained that this secret sauce should be kept secret, so all I will say is that a nice gain was achieved in step 1, all the way through to some massive speed gains with step 4. The core benefit from this is that Google ranks a faster site higher. Plus, any site loading in more than 3 seconds has a much higher chance the user will get bored and abandon you all together.

See the below graphic for all the load times.



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