Our Cloud Technology Stack

The foundation of any high-productivity team is your technology stack. This is the core that determines performance and the productivity limits. 

Cloud Sync

These days, with the power of API’s and all the many Zapier type cloud connectors, we have no excuse not to connect all information and data. This is so important due to our non-agency model in which we don’t have flash offices but we work from home and rely heavily on our tech stack.

One important element is time tracking software that allows us to charge out our time by syncing this data to our Xero account software. Harvest does a great job  of this due to its ability to sync with both Trello and Xero.   Also Lastpass is a must for our VA and web developers spread across the globe.



As the speed of technology change increases, so does the array of new learning technology that can empower people to engage, learn and grow.

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