The Unboxed Operating System has seven stages that are dependent on stage one – the foundation business strategy. This initial stage sets the tone for the rest of the journey and is a prerequisite for any service we offer. Helping to ensure that subsequent advice and support quality is aligned with the client’s needs. Some of the services we offer include:

    • Business Strategy 
    • Executive Coach 
    • Executive Retreats 
    • AI Strategy
    • Digital Transformation 
    • Team Cultural Change
    • Workplace Wellness, Stress and Resilience

Stage 1 – Business Strategy

In this stage, we define the goals and strategies needed to achieve long-term business outcomes and establish criteria for evaluating success. Two critical steps in building trust, based on research conducted by Edelman on trust, are determining the business vision and societal purpose. Within our strategic framework, we also incorporate principles from the book “Playing To Win – How Strategy Works” by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin. We use the 1pageplan to store, update, and share this concise strategic plan to enhance team focus, decision-making, and ownership.

Stage 2 – Buyer Journey (Touch Points)

Using the ideal client avatar helps us identify the touch points for each persona type in the buyer journey.

Stage 3 – Workflow Mapping

We document the required information and workflow processes (Standard Operating Procedures) at each touch point in the buyer journey.

Stage 4 – Workflow Roles

By examining the points of force, friction, and flow within each workflow, we determine which areas should be automated and where human skills are essential.

Stage 5 – Matching People Skills

Based on the required skills for each workflow, we match the tasks to individuals who enjoy doing them, relieving them of energy-draining duties they dislike. We leverage people’s passions and strengths by identifying energy-enriching tasks and automating monotonous aspects to allow for greater focus on enjoyable activities.

Stage 6 – Automate

Implementing AI and automation apps helps eliminate tedious tasks, resulting in efficiency and time-saving gains in the data flow. By doing so, individuals can concentrate on activities they love.

Stage 7 – Process Improvement, Progress Review & KPIs

Create a culture of ongoing process improvement by reviewing the workflows, strategy and progress towards the desired goals. People are empowered to innovate and improve.

Our Locations

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