WordPress Site Speed with & without Cloudflare CDN

I love Open Source software, with Moodle being one Learning Management System (LMS) of choice, yet most of my e-learning sites are built on another amazing Open Source platform known as WordPress, enhanced with the very powerful LMS plugin of Learndash. This combination gives you a huge number of powerful advantages, including your choice of hosting providers. Therefore before swapping hosting providers for a client’s website, we did a number of speed tests to ensure the move would benefit us all.

What is a CDN?

Loading speed is an important part of any website or e-learning site for how google ranks you so today’s speed test looks at Jetpack to see if it offers any speed advantages when used on a slow website that also uses the popular CDN of Cloudflare on a non optimised slow site.

TEST 1 – No Jetpack with Cloudflare

Test 2 –  Using Jetpack and Cloudflare

Test 3 – No Jetpack with Cloudflare

Test 4 – With JetPack and Cloudflare


These Jetpack slow site speed tests prove that, when used with Cloudflare, it can slow down your site, so just use Cloudflare on its own, which also gives you the benefit of a free SSL certificate.




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